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Ranger Mix, 2x 500 rxns

A unique blend of high-performance hot-start MyTaq™ HS DNA Polymerase and a proprietary proofreading enzyme, specifically developed for long PCR application.

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Product Highlights

Efficient – specifically developed to give reliable amplification of fragments between 10 kb and 25 kb in length
Specific – incorporates an antibody-mediated hot-start enzyme blend that remains completely inactive during PCR set-up to prevent non-specific amplification
Fast – rapid enzyme activation and highly efficient amplification support reduced time to results
Flexible – ideal for amplifying a broad range of large fragments from even complex targets including human genomic DNA
Accurate – possesses 3’ – 5’ proofreading exonuclease activity for increased fidelity, thereby enabling cloning of long PCR products

Product Description

RANGER Mix is an easy-to-use, high-performance enzyme blend, specifically developed to amplify fragments up to 25 kb in length. RANGER contains a unique combination of a highly-efficient DNA polymerases and novel buffer system that deliver the improved efficiency necessary for reliable amplification of longer amplicons.

RANGER is an antibody-mediated hot-start enzyme blend that eliminates non-specific amplification during reaction set-up. The inactivated enzymes do not possess polymerase activity, thereby preventing the non-specific amplification, such as primer-dimer formation, that often hinder long PCR reactions from the start.

RANGER Mix is an all-in-one mastermix containing dNTPs, MgCl2 and enhancers at optimal concentrations, minimizing the requirement for PCR optimization and driving greater sensitivity. RANGER Mix also improves reproducibility and minimizes the requirement for assay repeats, by reducing the number of pipetting steps, and therefore the risk of manual error, during reaction set-up.


Long PCR
TA cloning


RANGER DNA Polymerase and Mix Fact Sheet

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