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Molecular Weight Markers

EasyLadder I, 200 Lanes

Ready-to-use molecular weight marker, designed for fast size determination of nucleic acids from 100 bp to 2000 bp.

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Product Highlights

Broad size range – 5 evenly distributed bands from 50 bp to 2000 bp
Ready-to-use – reduces handling steps and saves time
Fast separation – ideal for PCR products
Supplied with loading dye – for loading sample DNA

Product Description

Agarose gels are often run to check and see if a band is present or not, for example in a PCR reaction. With 5 regularly spaced bands, ranging from 100 bp to 2000 bp, EasyLadder™ I is a molecular weight marker especially designed for fast size determination of linear double-stranded DNA fragments on 0.5% to 3% TAE or TBE agarose gels.

This ready-to-use format, with a red loading dye already added to the ladder, reduces handling steps and saves time; simply transfer EasyLadder I from the vial to the gel, along with the PCR product and run at high voltage for just a few minutes (1-3 cm of a gel lane). The concentration of DNA in each of the EasyLadder I bands is provided for optionally determining the approximate mass of DNA in comparably intense sample bands of similar size. The EasyLadder I is also supplied with a 5x loading dye for the loading of sample DNA.


Determination of PCR amplicon size
Confirmation of plasmid construction
Restriction fragment size determination


HyperLadder DNA Markers Fact Sheet

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