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RNA Analysis

Oligo (dT) 18, 27 g

Oligo (dT)18 Primer is single-stranded sequence of deoxythymine (dT), used for priming reactions catalysed by reverse transcriptase. The transcript is primed in the poly(A) tail of mRNA molecules.

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Product Highlights
Long oligonucleotide -more thermostable Reverse Transcriptases perform better with longer primers
Binds only to mRNA -can be used for cDNA synthesis with total RNA

Product Description
Oligo (dT)18 Primer is suitable for use as a primer for first strand cDNA synthesis with a reverse transcriptase. The primer hybridizes to the poly-adenylated tail found on the 3´ end of most eukaryotic mRNAs. Oligo (dT)18 ensures that the 3´ end of mRNAs are represented.

Primer sequence: 5´-d (TTT TTT TTT TTT TTT TTT)-3´

A mixture of random hexamer primers and oligo(dT) may improve the sensitivity of cDNA synthesis.

cDNA synthesis with a reverse transcriptase

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