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Clean Blood LV DNA kit 96 preps

Magnetic bead based blood and saliva DNA isolation system.

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The Clean Blood LV DNA Kit has been designed for isolation of high quality genomic DNA from up to 10 mL of whole blood or saliva samples. The isolation procedure allows for a fast and robust genomic DNA isolation of up to 24 samples in less than 2,5 hours. It can also be used for the CRISPR-Cas9 method.

By combining CleanNA’s magnetic particles with our propriety buffer system, the genomic DNA is efficiently bound to our magnetic particles once the cells in the whole blood or saliva sample have been lysed. Optimized for outstanding performance in higher volumes, the CleanNA particles allow for faster separation times, resulting a shorter process and a higher yield.

Our Clean Blood LV DNA Kit’s buffer system minimizes the binding of contaminants and once bound to our magnetic particles, purifies the DNA in a series of rapid washing steps. Finally the  genomic DNA is recovered from the magnetic particles using an elution buffer and is directly suitable for use in most downstream applications.

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