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Genotyping Blood DNA qPCR Mix 1 ml – 200 Rxns

Meridian’s Genotyping Blood qPCR Mix has been optimized to provide highly specific allelic discrimination

This is demonstrated by excellent cluster separation, even in the presence of PCR inhibitors found in blood, serum or plasma. Furthermore, it can be used in a liquid or lyophilized format to create ambient-temperature stable assays, making it ideal for point-of-care (POC) devices.

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Liquid biopsies enable cancer testing from non-invasive clinical samples

Liquid biopsy samples such as blood, urine, saliva and stool and is significantly less intrusive than surgical biopsy. It provides access to cell free DNA (cfDNA), enabling early detection cancer cells (before a tumour develops) and together with RNA detects non-shedding cancers. Liquid biopsies provide an easier and safer mode to monitoring disease recurrence, therapeutic selection and effectiveness.

Product Highlights

  • Ultra-sensitive detection down to less than 1 copy using direct amplification protocol.
  • Inhibitor-tolerant to PCR inhibitors found in whole blood, serum, plasma
  • Tight fluorescence clusters with clear allele discrimination, perfect for difficult SNPs.
  • Can be used as a liquid or lyophilized, ideal for high-throughput or POC testing



  • Screening and early cancer detection
  • Real-time monitoring of therapy
  • Stratification and therapeutic intervention
  • Therapeutic target and resistance mechanisms identification
  • Risk for metastatic relapse (prognosis)