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Liquid Biopsy Blood DNA/RNA qPCR Mix 50 ml – 10000 Rxns

Highly sensitive detection of target DNA from whole blood, plasma, and serum samples

Is made possible with Meridian’s Liquid Biopsy Blood DNA qPCR Mix and Liquid Biopsy Blood RNA/DNA qPCR Mix, which are both 4x qPCR master mixes for the development of DNA and RNA biomarker blood tests, respectively. These mixes have been formulated to overcome the inhibitors specifically found in blood samples – no further optimization is required aside from the addition of primers and probes. Furthermore, these mixes can be used in a wet format or lyophilized to create ambient-temperature stable whole blood tests, plasma tests or serum tests.

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Liquid biopsies enable cancer testing from non-invasive clinical samples

Liquid biopsy samples such as blood, urine, saliva and stool and is significantly less intrusive than surgical biopsy. It provides access to cell free DNA (cfDNA), enabling early detection cancer cells (before a tumour develops) and together with RNA detects non-shedding cancers. Liquid biopsies provide an easier and safer mode to monitoring disease recurrence, therapeutic selection and effectiveness.

Product Highlights

  • Create ultra-sensitive multiplex direct blood qPCR tests using whole blood, serum or plasma.
  • Simplify the development of quantitative PCR blood test, by removing the nucleic acid  extraction step and shortening the sample-to-result workflow.
  • Validated for detection of blood pathogens and liquid biopsy applications.
  • Can be used in liquid format or it can be lyophilized, for developing an ambient-temperature stable assay.



  • Screening and early cancer detection
  • Real-time monitoring of therapy
  • Stratification and therapeutic intervention
  • Therapeutic target and resistance mechanisms identification
  • Risk for metastatic relapse (prognosis)